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Who Are We?

YAHPA (Young Asian Health Professionals Association), emerged in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. At that time, misinformation and limited access to services and care were major issues, particularly for seniors and unilingual Asian immigrants living in Quebec. A group of health professionals and students came together to help this community by creating coronavirus information guides, developing community resource lists and translating health measures announcements, all in Asian mother tongues such as Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. Their goals were to optimize quality and access to care and to reduce inequalities caused by language barriers to the Asian community in Quebec.

Our Leadership Team

The YAHPA leadership team features talented professionals and students with a wide range of experiences in both private and public healthcare institutions.

  • Kimfay Hua

    Co-founder, President, Physiotherapist

  • Vida Sieu

    Vice-President, Occupational Therapist

  • Melissa Hua

    Co-founder, Secretary, Medical Resident

  • Gillian Truong

    Treasurer, Application Engineer

  • Belinda Jiao

    Co-director of Marketing, Medical Resident

  • Alex Chung

    Co-director of Marketing, Healthcare Student

  • Uyen Do

    Director of Volunteer Relations, Research Officier

  • Caroline Trinh

    Co-director of Community Outreach, Social Work Student

  • Robert Chen

    Co-director of Community Outreach, Accountant

  • Brendon Pham

    Co-founder, Member at large, Physiotherapist

  • Kaiyang Li

    Member at large, Medical Resident

  • Yu Xin Hu

    Co-founder, Member at large, Physiotherapist

  • Oliver Ying Zhan

    Member at large, Medical Resident

  • Our Vision and Values

    YAHPA's goal is to foster equitable healthcare access and wellbeing for Asian communities in Quebec through the dissemination of medical knowledge, promotion of holistic health practices, facilitation of healthcare access, celebration of diverse healthcare professions, encouragement of community initiatives among youth, and enhancement of communication skills among healthcare professionals.

    To achieve this vision, we are guided by our core values

  • Volunteerism

    We act for the good of society, dedicating our time and efforts to serve the Asian communities in Quebec.

  • Teamwork

    We believe in the power of collaboration, working together to achieve our shared mission and goals.

  • Diversity

    We embrace the rich diversity of Asian communities and healthcare professions, recognizing the unique strengths and perspectives they bring to our organization.

  • Inclusion

    We strive to create an inclusive society where all members and Asian communities feel welcomed, respected, and valued.

  • Equity

    We acknowledge and address the disparities within our communities, ensuring that everyone has equitable access to healthcare resources and opportunities.

  • Innovation

    We embrace innovation by leveraging technology and social media to find new and effective ways to fulfill our mission and reach our audience.

  • Our History

    A timeline of YAHPA's biggest milestones and achievements since its founding.



    YAHPA presents "Sip, Share, and Connect," a networking event tailored for healthcare professionals, generously sponsored by Desjardins, Mi Bao, and OCHA


    YAHPA launches a recruitment drive to broaden its volunteer network, seeking dedicated individuals to bolster its mission and enhance its influence. With a current team of 30 members, we aim to expand our reach and deepen our impact in the community.



    The start of an online campaign of infographic posters discussing mental wellness on social media.


    YAHPA launches a series of online webinars to tackle various health related issues such as mental health and chronic diseases


    The first annual in-person general assembly for YAHPA members was held.


    YAHPA hosts Bubble Tea & Cookies, a sponsored networking event for students to meet with over 30 health professionals to discuss and learn about their career paths



    YAHPA's online event featured 15 medical professionals sharing career paths with 150+ attendees. Speakers discussed diverse professional journeys, offering inspiration and guidance to aspiring healthcare professionals


    YAHPA is now officially recognized as a non-profit organization (NPO) at the provincial level of Quebec


    YAHPA's organizes the first in-person table tennis event in Chinatown to meet the local asian community


    YAHPA hosts its first virtual conference in Mandarin on mental health issues given by industry speakers



    YAHPA participates in an online conference panel with BLIA Montreal regarding COVID-19 guidelines in Cantonese


    A social media campaign initiates recruitment of healthcare professionals for the YAHPA registry. The inaugural online registry is published and comprises over 150 members


    YAHPA kick-starts its official online presence with Facebook and publishes its first translations of COVID related government instructions



    YAHPA is founded during the COVID-19 pandemic by a group of passionate individuals who saw the rising inequalities in the current health care system regarding its accessibility to the asian population in Montreal


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